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Dr. Hitesh Lokwani


12 years experience

Skin Issues

Ojas clinic offer a range of services to improve the health and appearance of your skin


We stay at the forefront of skincare innovation, offering cutting-edge technologies and techniques that deliver effective and safe treatments. We believe that healthy skin is a reflection of overall well-being. Our holistic approach considers both internal and external factors for comprehensive care.


Dr Shweta Lokwani ​


13 years experience

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2 doctors, 15 specialties,


Dr Hitesh Lokwani


20 years experience


Dr Shweta Lokwani


13 years experience

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Dr. Shweta Lokwani



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"I have consulted Dr Shweta for different skin problems of mine and her advice or treatment was always helping. I’d definitely recommend her for skin related may it be rashes or sunburn or spots on the body."

ekta makhija

"My 5 years old pimples and black spots were not going away, I took homeopathic medicine, then showed it to other doctors but did not get any relief, then I consulted Dr. Shweta Lokwani. Consult Took treatment, now I finally got relief THanku so much ma'am☺️😊"

Varsha Prajapati

"Bestest Dermatologist ever seen in my life...! She has treated my worst cases with great advices... God bless you always! ✨✨"

Garima Mehani

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We offer a wide variety of skin related issues. Please click here for the complete list.

Our staff are trained in all the required procedures with ample years of experience.

Acne is a common skin condition that can be treated through various methods. Topical medications | Oral medications | Chemical peels | Laser therapy

We treat hyperpigmentation and sun damage with topical creams, chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and cryotherapy. Consult a dermatologist for personalized treatment and practice sun protection habits.

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